Give you the freedom to easily design the shape that will fit your simulation.

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Thanks to the diversity of the elements constituting the NODE Pack, you have the freedom to easily design the shape that suits your simulation. The various components of the NODE fit together to create a rigid and interactive structure.


The quality of materials and innovative design make NODE an easy to use tool, fully configurable and designed for intensive use.


Clamp rings, specially designed for the NODE, provide a simple and secure mounting of the different bends and tubes.


The NODE is mainly composed of transparent elements. To limit occlusions in virtual reality immersive systems, these elements were chosen for their optical quality. One of these NODE elements, equiped with reflective spheres, will precisely control movements.

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No more calibration or changes spheres, thanks to optical tube NODE, keep control on the motion tracking.



  • 3 buttons

Feedback system

  • 1 Status LED
  • 1 Haptic Feedback

Motion control

  • Optical tracking target

Pack elements

  • 2 x Transparent cylindrical elements of 270 mm long
  • 1 x Transparent cylindrical element of 270 mm long equipped
    with an optical tracking target
  • 1 x Cylindrical element of 270 mm long with 3 buttons (active by the insertion of the core module)
  • 2 x Transparent cylindrical elements of 540 mm long
  • 4 x 90 ° elbows
  • 4 x 45 ° elbows
  • 1 x T-shaped connector
  • 1 x T-shaped connector


  • Black and transparent

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